Hardware sales and support services involve the provision of computer hardware products and assistance to customers to ensure their smooth operation Overall, hardware sales and support services aim to provide customers with high-quality hardware products and comprehensive assistance to maximize the value and performance of their investments in computer hardware. By offering pre-sales consultation, post-sales support, and ongoing maintenance services, hardware vendors and service providers ensure customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with their clients.

The products include - HARDWARE SALES :

Desktop computers

Laptop computers


Printers and scanners

Networking equipment (routers, switches, modems)

Storage devices (hard drives, solid-state drives)

Peripheral devices (keyboards, mice, speakers)

Pre-Sales Consultation :

Before making a purchase, customers may require assistance in understanding their hardware requirements and choosing the right products that meet their needs. Our Hardware sales and support services often include pre-sales consultation, where knowledgeable sales representatives or technical experts help customers assess their requirements, recommend suitable hardware solutions.

Post-Sales Support

After purchasing hardware products, customers may require ongoing support and assistance to ensure proper installation, configuration, and maintenance. Prolords Hardware sales and support services typically include post-sales support, which may involve:
Installation and setup assistance: Helping customers set up and configure hardware devices properly, including installing drivers and software.
Troubleshooting and technical support: Providing assistance with diagnosing and resolving hardware-related issues, such as hardware failures, connectivity problems, or compatibility issues.
Warranty and repair services: Facilitating warranty claims and repairs for defective or malfunctioning hardware products, either through in-house repair services or partnerships with manufacturers or authorized service providers.
Upgrades and expansions: Assisting customers with upgrading or expanding their existing hardware infrastructure, such as adding more memory, storage, or peripheral devices.
Training and education: Providing training and educational resources to help customers maximize the use of their hardware products and optimize performance.